Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 4; What We Learned.

Week 4 Recap; What We Learned.


   This is the part of the season that starts to make things interesting. Weeks 4 through 6 can be the most telling of a team's character. It happens to be when conference play starts, and when teams are figuring out their identities on both the offense and defense. We can take away a lot from this past week and the next couple weeks..... So drink it in, all of it. Don't leave out a single detail. 

    Alabama vs Florida 
What do we know about Florida? Have they improved? Well, I think the jury is still out on that one. The Gators played tough with Alabama early on, but I am not sure that was because Florida was playing that well. Alabama's careless turnovers helped the Gators keep things close. And when the Tide got rolling, it was game over for the Gators. On the other side of this battle, I think we got what we expected from Alabama. Their defense played solid, maybe because of the Gators' offensive struggles..... The offense is coming together, and I would say that Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban are getting along.... for now. As for BOTH teams, we still just aren't sure what they have, but Alabama is coming together.

    LSU Falls to Mississippi State

Really? I knew LSU wasn't a Top Ten team in pre-season. Mississippi State, are they a Top Ten team? No, but they played well, and they belong in the Top Twenty-Five at this point of the season. LSU just isn't ready for a run this season. As I pointed out earlier, weeks four through six will tell us a lot about a team. The season isn't over for LSU. They can still get some key wins down the road to get back in the SEC West hunt. At this point, however, it seems highly unlikely. And for Mississippi State, they will get their chance to further prove themselves in the SEC West.

   Auburn survives Kansas State

This should've been a tune-up game for Auburn. It didn't turn out that way. Were the Tigers overlooking Kansas State? That may be what some Auburn fans think, but I hope fans and media take notice to this game. Auburn made the plays when they had to make them, but Kansas State is left kicking themselves. There were more than enough chances for Kansas State to put away the Auburn Tigers. Was Auburn exposed? Or was it the road game atmosphere mixed with the mistake of not taking Kansas State seriously?...... Or could it actually be that Auburn or Kansas State aren't who we thought they were to start the season? Again, time will tell.

     Florida State beats Clemson (Without Winston)

This may be the biggest headline of the weekend. Florida State was without Jameis Winston due to suspension for an incident from early last week. What do I keep saying in this week's recap? We learn more about a team in weeks four through six than we do most of the season. This game is a testament to that. Clemson played a very solid game, and had their chances...... But Florida State's defense came up big in big time situations. The Noles' defense is starting to take shape. Let me address some of the critics out there.... Remember when Georgia beat a VERY GOOD Clemson team just a few weeks earlier? Georgia gave up 21 points to the Tigers. Florida State? Only 17. Florida State's defense took a huge step forward. Their defense is starting to look like that defense we saw a year ago. The offense will take shape over the next few weeks. In fact, we saw an offense that was battered most of the game keep fighting, even without Jameis Winston. "Florida State got lucky!" Well, it's like every coach who has ever won or played for a National Championship, "sometimes even the great teams need a little luck." And what do great teams do when their backs are against the walls? They find a way to win. Florida State did that against Clemson. They did it without their best player on offense, and they did it without their best defensive lineman for most of the game. We learned a lot about FSU. They aren't done yet.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jameis Winston Does it Again

Jameis Winston Suspended First Half 


    Jameis Winston is in the negative spotlight yet again. This time for using some obscene language in a public place. The school announced his suspension for the first half against Clemson earlier today. Winston has since apologized in a press conference held at FSU. "I'm not a me person, but my actions were selfish......"

   Jimbo Fisher decided to suspend him for the first half against Clemson..... And Fisher's message should be something that is becoming clearer to Winston. Fisher isn't going to let Winston become bigger than the team. Although, critics argue that Winston has already been extended special treatment. From "Crab Gate" to his incident with a female student at FSU involving sexual assault allegations, Winston has not faced many penalties from the FSU football coach..... Or at least that have been made public anyway.

   The real hope here is that Winston will finally start to understand that he is not bigger than the program. But if he hasn't learned that already from his previous incidents, then it's fair to ask how this situation will end any differently. Winston may not have done something to get him in trouble with the police, this time, but he needs to understand that everything he does will be picked apart by social media and big four letter networks. He needs to understand that leadership doesn't stop when he walks off the football field. 

   Will Winston learn from his mistakes? The jury is still out on that one, but it's safe to say, at this point, that he hasn't yet. Jimbo Fisher has a track record with dealing with big time players. Many fans may remember Greg Reid and all the issues that came along with him. It is important for fans to remember how Reid left FSU. Reid was a very exciting player on the field, but off the field it was another story. Eventually Fisher had no choice but to kick him off the team. Fisher isn't afraid to dish out penalties to his players. He also isn't afraid to give players another chance.... But eventually those chances run out. Reid is a prime example of that. If issues continue to pile up, Winston will be faced with the same ending that Reid had with Florida State. 

   With all the of the issues in the sports world, many fans are still asking "What were you thinking Jameis?!?!". From the issues with Ray Rice and the NFL, to the probing of a person's character off the field. This is a very serious wake up call for college athletes. What these student-athletes do off the field will be held under a microscope by NFL scouts and coaches. Celebrities are held to a different standard than the rest of the population. Everything they do is pumped full of hot air just to sell a news story. There is no defending Winston here. Winston needs to realize that he is being watched 24/7. His decision making may be pretty solid on the field, but off the field? Yep, that's another story. 

   At the end of the day, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher should be praised for trying to put Winston in his place. Coaches and mentors can only do so much.... Eventually, the individual has to take responsibility for their actions. And for Winston, time is running out for him to get it right. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Jameis Winston Case at Florida State 

   You have to love college football..... and of course, the drama that comes along with each season. Think back over the last decade and it's very hard to think of a season that didn't have some sort of scandal during the off season that didn't affect the actual season itself. Florida State now finds itself in the headlines again for a incident that happened in December of 2012. 

   We all know about Jameis Winston and his bad decisions he has made the last couple of years. The biggest incident being rape allegations, and the smallest being questioning after an alleged pellet gun fight between multiple students. And who could forget about those crab legs? Theme here is simple. He is immature, and has clearly made some bad choices off the field. On the field? Yeah, he is brilliant. And maybe that's why some of his issues off the field will always haunt him, even after they have been "paid" for by Winston. (Sorry, I couldn't resist). 

    Now we are at the beginning of the 2014 football season, and some of Winston's past has come back to haunt him yet again. This time in the form of a school investigation into possible Title IX Violations. However, unlike when this incident first reared its head into the media back in November 2013, this time Winston isn't concerned with being charged by the state. This investigation is very different from the last. Usually I try to stay away from old topics, and give even less attention to those that their main purpose is to run a name through the mud.... But after reading and hearing what the average fan is saying about this "new" investigation, I knew some light needed to be put on this to help educate some of the fans out there.

    First off, I am not by any means, a lawyer. Nor do I claim to have any more incite than what most fans have access to already. I take a situation or incident, and I research it as best as I can with what is available to me. I gather some opinions from different sources, and then I try to look at the incident objectively. To me, that should be the job of EVERY SPORTS MEDIA OUT THERE. I am not here to defend Jameis Winston or the decisions he has made. Those are his and his alone. We don't know this kid. Lots of us like to think we do because we have seen a few interviews on TV and we have watched him play football. What do we know? Well, he is a great football player. He says all the right things to the media. He has some off the field issues that need to be cleaned up. My question is this, Who doesn't have issues? Obviously everyone's issues are different.... but everyone has baggage. 

    This case at FSU is tough for some to understand. And mainly because the way it was handled the first go around...... But let me throw a "curve ball" at you. Be objective for just as long as it takes you to read this article. What if this whole case was handled poorly because of the alleged victim not cooperating? Think about that for just a minute. This case may have been a clean sweep had she just cooperated from day one. And if I have lost some of you out there, I apologize, but go back and look at how the case was handled/reported ten months ago. This former FSU student that made these allegations never cooperated with anybody that was investigating the case UNTIL the case was made public. Now, I realize what some of you are already saying, and you have tuned me out..... "The police covered it up!!! The school covered it up!!" Hey, maybe you are right. However, the laws of the land I live in are simple. Innocent until proven Guilty. Until the investigation is complete, I reserve judgement on the school, and I reserve judgement on the alleged victim. If the school did anything wrong, it will come out, that much you can count on. "No it won't, they will get away with it because it's FSU".... Right... try telling that to Penn State.

    Let the investigation run its course. Listen and read the details. When you mouth off about it, and you don't know what you are talking about.... Yep, you look pretty bad. The truth will come out, and some of it already has, which was indicated in a very recent statement by one of the lawyers involved. 

    Take it for what it is at this point. It's an investigation to find the truth of whether or not FSU violated Title IX obligations. It's not an investigation with new evidence against Winston (Yep, some out there actually believe this will lead to charges against Winston). Some fans out there will want to trash talk Winston and FSU fans about this, but to that I say this: Rape is a very serious crime, and should not be taken lightly. At the same time, however, making allegations that may not be true are just as serious. And until we know the facts, I reserve judgement for all parties involved. As a fan of college football, I think we would find the season more enjoyable if we all could put our team aside every once and awhile, and treat every incident the same. Innocent until proven guilty. 

    If by some chance FSU is found to have violated Title IX obligations, then yes, hand out the penalties and pass judgement. If new evidence ever surfaces and the state decides to pursue charges against Winston, and they find him guilty.... Then yes, throw him behind bars, and strip him of every award he has ever won. Most fans who read this article won't buy into being objective about this situation. My goal here, was to help those who want to try to understand the situation at FSU. My goal was to bring this situation to the fans in an unbiased way, and be objective. This is a very terrible situation for both Winston and the alleged victim. At the very least, we should act like grown adults and wait patiently for the investigation to be completed. This incident will haunt both of them, but one more than the other. And it might be the one who is innocent in all of this. It's just a matter of 'who is innocent'. 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 College Football

2014 College Football Headlines


    The last decade of college football has seen many changes, scandals, and ground-breaking stories. Since 2003, it has become normal, and even expected, to have scandals and recruiting violations dominate the off season. Well, this year it almost seemed that the new College Football playoff would take all the headlines. And honestly, that would have been a great thing for college football. 

    Instead, we are less than two weeks away from kick-off, and here we are..... Scandals, Judge Rulings against the NCAA. The "Power 5" conferences have shown interests in leaving the umbrella of the NCAA. Where does it end?  

   Certainly, there were less headlines of schools breaking NCAA rules this off season, but does that mean there will be some big ones next season? Possibly. The 2014 season almost kicked off, but then there was the academic scandal at Notre Dame that was recently uncovered. Mix that in with the NCAA deciding to revisit the North Carolina issues, and we have all the makings for some NCAA probation penalties coming. As far as recruiting violations? Well, not anything huge ever surfaced. However, there was the extra icing on the cookie for a recruit at South Carolina. Go ahead, roll your eyes at that one, but it's true. South Carolina reported themselves for it. All these "minor" violations are stacking up and eventually we will see the Power 5 Conferences say enough is enough. 

   Perhaps that will be the next big headline come 2015. Only time will tell. And the only thing I can promise you is that these headlines that we have grown used to seeing every off-season won't be going anywhere any time soon. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And it's that the season is kicking off in less than two weeks. The one, and only, remedy for the off-season scandals and negative headlines is football. Once the season starts, fans can enjoy the sport they love with little distractions.  So hang in there, fans! The season is almost here.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

CollegeFootball2Day August

2014 College Football Preseason Kick-Off


    College Football Fans Welcome! Another season is on the horizon and I want to thank our fans and followers for sticking with CollegeFootball2Day for the last two seasons. This season will be the third season since I started this blog, and CollegeFootball2Day has made some big changes and improvements. Our website launched in early spring and has been growing since then. I have added video to the blog and that has been very well received amongst our fans. CollegeFootball2Day kicked off our Fan Prize Give-Away last month. Our fans and followers have been great, and CollegeFootball2Day will continue to improve and make it a great destination for college football fans to follow this sport that we enjoy so much. At the end of the day, CollegeFootball2Day is Powered by the Fans. 

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  CollegeFootball2Day's Top 15 Preseason Rankings

   1. Florida State
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10. Stanford
11. Georgia
12. South Carolina
13. Clemson
14. LSU
15. USC

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CollegeFootball2Day's Latest Fan Questions Segment


 CollegeFootball2Day has ONE more surprise for this season. I am going to play this one close to the chest, however. Our fans and followers will know when it hits. Thanks again to all of our Fans and Followers for making CollegeFootball2Day what it is today. CollegeFootball2Day is truly Powered by the Fans!

     Next week CollegeFootball2Day will take a look at some early  season match-ups, and maybe even a little Heisman watch list talk. 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 College Football Season

College Football is Approaching

   It's July... Media Days are in full swing and the excitement about the 2014 season is mounting. But the 2014 season will be different than any other season that any fan, player, coach...... or ANYBODY has ever experienced. The playoff is here. Before the season starts, however, there is something that fans should think about. A new era of college football is being born right before our eyes......

   While the 2014 season is sure to be very exciting, there is something that all fans should be conscious of when the first game kicks off..... And every game after that, for that matter..... This season will change college football forever. This season will shape the future of college football more than any other season has in history. Think about that for a minute. Fifty years down the road, this season will be circled and talked about in sports trivia. But how can fans truly understand the gravity of what this season truly means? Some will get it..... others, well... Maybe they will understand it mid-season. 

   Think of one of the greatest moments in your favorite team's history..... then multiply that by a hundred..... Yeah, it's that big. This will be the biggest season in college football history. Just think about that phrase every Saturday when you watch your team. A season ago, fans couldn't wait for this season. Well, it's finally here... and the 2014 regular season should feel different. There will be a feeling about this season that you just can't explain. 

    Just take this season in..... Watch more games than you normally would have last season. Be open-minded, and look at each game you watch objectively. Because at the end of the day, you are a fan of college football. Sure, we have our teams that we are 'Die-Hard' fans of, but take in everything that happens this season. Experience as much of this season has you can. No other season may match what this season means to college football.

    All that being said.... Now think about how exciting it will be for the team that is crowned 'champion'...... I know, right? That just gives you chills. And of course, we all want it to be OUR team. Sadly, it won't work out for everyone, but don't let that be something that keeps you from being excited for THAT team. If it's your rival, congratulate them and save the trash talk for the next season. If it's a team you don't even care about from the other side of the country, congratulate them and talk about how great of a season it was...... Sure, there will be disappointments for your team.... Some fewer than others...... But that's what makes college football so much better than any other sport. Anything can happen in the college football world. A team could rise or fall any day they step on the field. That's college football. 

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

CollegeFootball2Day Fan Prize Give Away


   It has been awhile since I have updated this site, but that doesn't mean I haven't been getting things geared up for another College Football season. In case some of you thought that I just kicked the old college football blog to the curb....... you couldn't be more wrong. I have been working pretty hard at getting things rolling on our new site. www.collegefootball2day.com. And for those of you who miss reading the blog, don't worry..... It's coming back. In August I plan on firing it up again. For now, however, the video aspect of CollegeFootball2Day's blog is gaining some momentum.

   Enough catching up..... Let's get down to business. With the launch of our new page and video blog, I would like to thank all the fans and followers. Without you all, there would be no reason for me to continue CollegeFootball2Day. So about this Fan Prize Give Away...... Yeah, IT'S FOR REAL. Each month there will be Prizes given out to some of CollegeFootball2Day's faithful fans and followers. 

The first items up are here: 

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   The 2014 College Football Season is fast approaching..... Are you ready?