Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CollegeFootball2Day Web Page

CollegeFootball2Day Launches Web Page

    I am very excited to announce that CollegeFootball2Day has launched a new web page at www.collegefootball2day.com. This new page will bring a unique way for fans to follow and interact with college football stories and headlines. Reader Question segments will be easier to post and follow. Also, fans will find that there is 24/7 access to the top college football headlines from around the country via RSS Feed from ESPN.
   Our blog will remain active, as it is still a huge part of how CollegeFootball2Day posts articles for our followers. You will also notice that there is an RSS Feed from this blog page posted on the new website as well. This allows followers of the new web page to have constant access to CollegeFootball2Day's blog.
   As many of our followers have noticed in the last couple months, CollegeFootball2Day has been going through some changes. I am very excited about all the changes so far..... But as they always say..... "But wait, there's more!"...... Yes, there is more in the works, but I am keeping those very close to the chest. And believe me, fans and followers will know when it hits.
    CollegeFootball2Day wants to send another HUGE THANKS to the FANS and Followers. You all have made CollegeFootball2Day what it is today, and you are a key part in shaping it for tomorrow. With all the excitement happening with our web page and videos, this off season looks like it will blow right by us. Before you know it, the 2014 season will be upon us. Once again, Thank You.
  -Jeremy Zimmer, CollegeFootball2Day

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Michigan Wolverines

Team by Team Breakdown continues next week with the Florida Gators.
Viewer Questions and Team Requests are Welcome.
Feel Free to post to our Facebook page or in the comments section.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Team by Team

A Team by Team Breakdown


     Over the next few weeks, CollegeFootball2Day will use video segments to breakdown YOUR favorite teams. The first couple teams on deck are the Michigan Wolverines and the Florida Gators. If you want to see YOUR team here, you can post in the comments or post in our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CollegeFootball2Day/ 
     And don't worry, I haven't completely abandoned writing for Video. If you haven't seen CollegeFootball2Day's videos, scroll back through the blog archives. This offseason has been pretty exciting thus far, and I get the feeling that CollegeFootball2Day is going to have a HUGE YEAR in 2014.
   Check back next week for more updates.